Prof. Alberto Behar, Director

Dr. Behar has over 20 years of experience in planetary flight projects and research and development of extreme environment robotics and instruments for planetary (including Earth) science and engineering applications. He has developed instruments and robotics that have reached deep in the ocean's hydrothermal vents, next to volcanoes, under thick ice sheets, to the south pole, in to the stratosphere and on to other planetary bodies (asteroids/Mars). He is an Airline Transport Pilot and Instructor in Helicopters and Airplanes with a Gulfstream 5 Type Rating. He is also a Scientific and Rescue SCUBA diver. His primary interests are developing, testing and deploying architectures for Earth exploration and future planetary surface spacecraft in remote extreme environments on Earth.

Alberto Behar

Andres Mora, Post-doctoral Researcher

Andres Mora was born in San Jose, Costa Rica. He received his B.S. in Electronics Engineer from the Universidad Interamericana de Costa Rica and his M.Sc. and Ph.D in Aerospace Engineering (Space Robotics) in 2006 and 2009 respectively at the Space Robotics Laboratory, Tohoku University, Japan. His research interests span path planning, teleoperation and control of mobile robots and the design of graphical user interfaces for mobile robots.

Andres Mora

Dominic Chen, Computer Science Engineer

Dominic is a sophomore at Arizona State University studying Computer Science, and is currently working on this project through the NASA Space Grant internship program. His research interests focus on embedded systems, operating systems, and computer security. He is also passionate about robotics and hobby electronics, and has participated in multiple engineering competitions and student clubs since high school.

Dominic Chen

Scott Foster, Electrical Engineer

Scott is a Senior persuing a BSEE and MSEE in Electrical Engineering and is a member of two engineering honor societies, Eta Kappa Nu where he served as the industrial relations officer and Tau Beta Pi. He was a 2010-11 NASA Space Grant intern where he conducted SONAR related research. He also served as the electrical team lead for ASU’s NASA Space Grant robotics club during the 2010-11 season. Scott has additional experience as an electrical engineering intern with Goodrich aerospace where he designs and tests avionics for commercial and military aircraft

Scott Foster

Chris Gay, Aerospace Engineer

Chris is a student in the School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy. During his time at Arizona State University (ASU) he has been extensively involved in engineering related research and student competitions. The research areas Chris has studied are solid and hybrid propulsion as well as roll control system design. He is an active member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and frequently presents his work at AIAA sponsored conferences. Currently Chris is scheduled to graduate fall 2011 with a degree in Aerospace Engineering.

Chris Gay

Colin Ho, Aerospace Engineer

Colin is a Senior undergraduate at Arizona State University studying Mechanical Engineering. His passion is in creating field robotics systems, having worked extensively on aquatic, aerial and ground based robotic vehicles. In the Extreme Environment Robotics and Instrumentation Laboratory he is the project manager for the MSLED project, leading a team of interdisciplinary students and engineers in the creation of a novel underwater exploration vehicle.

Colin Ho

Emily McBryan, Aerospace Engineer

Emily McBryan is an Aerospace engineer with a passion for robotics. She started competing in robot competitions in high school with FIRST robotics and being a member of team 1212. Upon entering ASU, she joined the NASA Space Grant Robotics Team competing in the underwater NURC and MATE robot competitions. She has been an avid member for four years and is now a NASA Space Grant senior intern and president of the team. This internship with NASA Space Grant aided her in receiving an internship at NASA Johnson Space Center in the spring of 2011. From this opportunity, she was able to work in the Robonaut II lab assembling R2 forearms and enhancing previous technology to be used towards new projects with mentors Johnathon Rogers and Lyndon Bridgwater. Emily loves robotics and how they can be used for exploring locations that would otherwise be impossible to reach. She loves being part of a team and learning from others. After completion of undergrad, Emily will continue towards her masters.

Emily McBryan

Karthik Pappu, Electrical and Electronics Engineer

Karthik Pappu is a Graduate Student of Electrical Engineering at Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. He received his B.E. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management, India in 2011. His areas of interest are Electronic and Mixed Signal Circuit design and Digital Signal Processing. He is working on the Command and Data Handling system of MSLED.

Karthik Pappu

Eric Weger, System Design Engineer

Eric is an undergraduate student studying at Arizona State University as a National Merit Scholar. He is majoring in Earth and Space Exploration with a focus in Systems Design and is slated to graduate in May 2013. Previous research projects that Eric has been involved in are using a wind tunnel to test bio-polymers for soil cohesion and testing a ground-based LIDAR system for a forestry application. Eric also volunteers as part of one organization that assists with undergraduate admissions and another club that fosters opportunities for local musicians and artists in and around Arizona State University.

Eric Wegner